A Kickstarter Project for a Dark and Interesting New Novel

Many potentially interesting novels never get published due to the sheer economic realities of the publishing industry today. The publishing industry barely has enough money for many of the older and more established authors who are already proven economic entities. People who are just trying to get their novels published today without any real backing really aren’t going to have much of a change at all.


Kickstarter, however, is making all the difference in the world for those authors who do have something to offer the reading world and who just did not arrive on the scene at the right time. Many people would love to read GlassRose by Jessie Hill, and many people would love to back the project: https://goo.gl/A6HYO7

The GlassRose novel manages to offer a very different set of protagonists and a very different view towards love. As such, it is going to be the sort of novel that will have niche appeal rather than popular appeal. Romance stories tend to sell like crazy, and they are usually going to feature protagonists that are deliberately written to be as bland as possible so all of the readers are going to manage to slip into their shoes that much more effectively.

A novel that manages to go in a very different direction on both counts is going to have a strong amount of appeal for the people who really do want something different, while alienating the people who want more of the same.

People who are on the autistic spectrum, as well as the people who are in the asexual community, are going to feel as if this novel really speaks to their experiences in a way that a lot of mainstream literature does not. That should give them every incentive to try to pledge some funding to this particular project.

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