Comic books around the world

In 2013 Adil Gherib and Yu Watanabe started a creative non-profit project where students from around the world contribute a page of art and dialog to a comic book creating one continuous story. Adil and Yu’s goal is to unite children around the world through their natural creative instincts while helping to repair and rebuild their schools. The project is call Comics Around the World where children in a classroom in one country or city contributes one or two pages to the comic which is then delivered to children in a classroom in another country or city where they contribute another page to the comic book. So far 17 pages have been collected from 12 countries, and Adil and Yu want to continue the project into the US and Mexico.

Comics aroound the world

Adil and Yu have spent many years on the road interacting with children around the world. Adil is a 35 year old Belgian architect, artist and traveler, and Yu is a 32 year old artist, designer and illustrator. They have started a campaign with a funding goal of $5,253 by January 15, 2016. The money will be used to help them bring this project to the US and Mexico adding around 15 more pages to the comic book, purchase supplies, and help sponsor repairs for the schools that are visited. Any additional funds will be used to visit more schools where children can add more pages to the comic book.

Adil and Yu believes this project will increase children’s interest in reading and writing by using their imaginations on a regular basis. They see this project as being a lesson for children in several ways including connecting children around the world through a shared story, expressing creativity and learning new vocabulary, learning verbal problem solving skills, and learning the sequence of events. There is a direct link to literacy skills and success in life, and Adil and Yu believe this project will help to increase these skills. Contributions can be made at:

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