EDM’s Viral Sensation of 2016!

Silver Circle has suddenly become the fastest growing viral sensation in the EDM World.

As a First Time post on YouTube! The Silver Circle EDM Mix #1 is getting thousands of new views each day.

The track already has over 300 K views in 7 days on Sound Cloud!

ElectroWow recently published the first ever Silver Circle Interview and Silver Circle was recently Featured on RealMagicTV.

Quote from Silver Circle :

“For me, it’s all about sharing the music I really like…so if you made it to my mix you really made me happy and possibly everyone who follows my music. Have fun and keep creating from your circle of happiness!”

Silver Circle is a DJ based in Virginia, USA.

Silver Circle produces music via the production house Silver Circle Music.

Listen to Silver Circle EDM Mix #1 on Sound Cloud

Watch Silver Circle EDM Mix #1 on Youtube

Learn more about Silver Circle at www.silvercirclemusic.com

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