Express Your Hearts Feelings Through SMS

Its commonly said that Love is the weirdest feeling and that Love is like a cough or a fart and cannot be hidden no matter how hard one tries. The problem then comes in how to express it and show it without sending the wrong notation. However when it comes to expressing oneself many shy away and cannot be able to face the particular person face to face and tell them how they feel exactly.


Many people tend to have a series of words on what they will actually say and will sit somewhere and plan on how they will go about it but when they practically come face to face with the person in question all words tend to evaporate and are left more frustrated and some go as far as making a fool of themselves. However thanks to the Mobile phone because one can rely these feelings via a love sms and just sit back and wait for the reply.

The good thing with love sms is that you do not have to wait for any particular time or situation to express your true feelings whether your partner is far from you and not easily reachable. Sms are said to rekindle broken relationships as well igniting new and growing love. Through a love sms you can be able to know whether to pursue with the relationship and whether the said person is also into you and that it helps rebuild confidence thus when you face the person you will at least have something in common since you know their true feelings towards you too. Distance love used to difficult thing to retain burning especially when there are no means of reaching the person thus you hold your feelings awaiting the day or time when you meet to tell your partner how you feel about them; it was usually stressful especially when it a special day for them like say a birthday, an anniversary.

Love SMS will aid in assuring you partner that despite the fact that they are far away you still have them in mind and that you still remember their special days. lf you ran out of words there are numerous website where you choose from a wide range of sms’s that are really touching and you can easily add your own words just to customize the message. Nothing makes anybody happy to have your phone screen pop with an sms of somebody who just thought of you particularly odd hours like very early in the morning or late in the evening or when you are too busy and engrossed with work and somebody breaks the air with a Love sms.lf you show and give love definitely it love that you get back, Its said that Love is a beautiful things keep it blazing with just a simple love sms. A simple text like “I promise to be by your side always because I love so dearly”, will definitely make any heart melt with LOVE no matter what.

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