Keep Track Of Inventory Items By Using Warehouse Documents Editor

One of the basic requirements of inventory management software is to generate the proper documents that are required to manage the stock of various items kept in different warehouses. The process of effectively managing inventories depends on these documents. Each document has a specific use and the documents related to a particular item can let the manager know the status of the stock at any given moment. A missing document means that some information on the item is not available for reference that can lead to erroneous decisions being taken by the management.


Editing the items list

The latest inventory management application has been designed so that it is free from all sorts of failures. It creates interlinks between all documents and if any document has not been generated then the application alerts that user by not proceeding to next step. The application provides readymade templates for users who do not require to design their own documents. All documents are edited for each warehouse with the help of the Warehouse Documents Editor. Before invoking this process, it has to be kept in mind that there is at least one item listed in the warehouse database.

Using the editor

You can launch the Warehouse Documents Editor in two ways. In the first method choosing the “Document” option in the Main Menu will produce a drop down menu from where you can choose the document to be generated such as “Goods Received Notes” or GRN, “Goods Issued Notes” or GIN, “Interbranch Transfers” and so on. For example, if you choose the GRN then you will get a window which will show a list of items that has been received by the warehouse. You can add a line to this list by clicking on “Add” or you can remove an item by choosing the item and clicking on “Delete”. In the second method you can choose the option “Documents” from the Main Menu and then click on “Edit” to update the list of items.

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