Preventive Measurements of Wind Turbines Kill Birds

Almost, everybody knows the use of wind turbine and how they produce energy. The wind turbine is a large tower which has blades connected to the rotator. This electrical device is made by the generator and its rotator is turned by the wind at any time. Inside this electricity generator, there are many magnets and bunch of copper wire available that produces electricity. It is one of the straight forward systems to produce power in the most significant way. Usually, the wind turbines can produce a lot of power which is applied for both domestic and conventional applications.


The wind turbine is the best way to produce energy, but it has some limitations. According to studies in the US and Europe, the wind turbines kill birds and bats which affect the total population. When the birds fly into the blades, this makes them to get wound and died.

To avoid this limitation, many people look for alternative energy sources to generate energy directly by the sunlight or wind and use it. But when compared to other energy resources, the wind energy is more reliable, green, clean and renewable to use. Due to increase in the price of electricity, the homeowners can install a wind turbine to generate power in their homes. There are simple steps available to follow that helps to keep the birds away from the electrical devices.

  • First, you check the specific selected area for installing your additional devices.
  • Important to choose and install items around the wind turbine.
  • To keep birds away, try to use noise-making devices.
  • Consider the installing radar, which is effective to keep a variety of birds away.

Good and bad things of wind turbine devices

Actually, wind turbines require wind to operate so it is highly installed to take benefits of the strong winds. The result of the powerful wind is producing more electricity. This is the reason why the wind turbine is used for producing power. Because of its reliable design, the wind turbines can produce electricity which can be implemented for conventional uses. But many people are complaining that the wind turbines kill birds and bats so they require any other alternative source to produce power.

Is wind turbine killing the bird’s population?

Mostly, the wind turbines are installed in the mountain ridges and so the problem is bad for larger birds. When larger birds are flying high, they will be killed by the blades. One thing the industry has founded to keeping birds away from blades are reducing the size of the blade in further manufacturing and also install the noise making device to aware the birds to keep away. They also suggested that the industry moves the turbines to solid ones so the birds will not nest in the tower and won’t be suffer from the spinning blades. However, the small wind turbine manufacturers are able to do everything but it could not negatively affect the ecosystem when their products end up.

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