Samsung Galaxy Note 5: The next Revolution

Samsung got a huge profit of $5.5 Billions in the first quarter of 2015 and now smartphone unit of Samsung is going to bring more profits as the Galaxy S6 is just released and now its time to start expecting the next upcoming change in the Samsung Galaxy store i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


The previous Galaxy Note 4 was released with the integration of new S-pen and now with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you won’t only see the new hardware but also the all-new S-pen. And the features of new S-pen would be way better to the present generation S-pen. Already, the tip of the S-Pen in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as in previous models, can be changed easily with the tweezers included for parts that come in the box terminal.

If we talk about the display, being one of the beast terminals with a higher resolution screen and market size, the Note 4 has a double-edged sword. And that feed a QHD panel of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (with 80% more pixels than a Full HD and four times more than a 720 HD) is no easy task. And now assume the 4K-resolution display in the Note 5, which would be the revolution in the smartphone display.

Similarly, process that amount of screen information is not available to any graphics processor and a boat soon, it may seem that this terminal Samsung does not perform as expected, although equals results terminals lower resolution. And already, Samsung proved that if we would have the more resolution display doesn’t mean we would have lesser battery backup. On other hand, LG G3 was a failure in this case.

Thus, lack of future updates, surely as happened with Note 3 will optimize the Galaxy Note 4 in this respect, battery life while playing video streaming seems short and the results obtained with the benchmark PC Mark not differ much in time, about 6 hours of use. But far from what may seem, on the day, with note covers the needs of any user. And is that, as the last terminal of the brand, features the ultra power saving mode that, yes, minimum technical low, stretches the battery life of several days to not stay offside incommunicado. So, Samsung have to do some serious work on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, else the fans would not leave any moment to criticize the Samsung.

On the other hand, Samsung has already incorporated new functionality fast charge (compatible only with serial adapter Fast Adaptive Charging, which can vary the output voltage between 9.0V and 1.67 A or 5V and 2.0A), which allows loading the 50% of the battery capacity of Note 4 in about 30 minutes, when normal one can not get in less than 55 minutes. And if Samsung engineers manage to reduce the charging time of 30 minutes to the 10 minutes then it would be marvelous achievement for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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