This Kickstarter Is For A Book For College Students And Their Parents

This Kickstarter is for a book that will help college students and their parents. There are some college students who are unsure about what they want to do with their lives, and those students need some help. The man who wrote this book realizes that. He wrote emails to help a friend’s son, and now he has turned them into a book. He wants to help both parents of college students and the students themselves, so that everyone can feel less frustrated.


College is a hard time for some people. There are some people who do not have any clue as to what they are doing to do with their degree. They don’t know what they want to go for, and they are “wayward” college students. Well, that is where this book comes in. And everyone who feels the need for a book like this can support it on Kickstarter. They can give it all of their support, so that it can get out there for everyone to see. People will appreciate this book and all of the ways that it will help them once they get to reading it. Those who believe that this book could be a really good thing should help to get it out there by giving it their support.

This book will help people to see what they should be doing with their lives, and it will help them to feel less frustrated while in college or watching their child struggle through college. This book is a great thing, and it has been penned by a wise man. The words that are found inside the book are great, and everyone who is struggling with this kind of thing is going to love all that they see in the book. So, this book should get the support of many.

You can support this project and join them at:

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