A Buyer’s Guide on Planing to Get Loft Ladders

“Loft” means an attic or upper story, which is directly under the roof or the basement of a building. Most of the old-age houses have a loft and the trend of having a loft is returning in the latest construction plans too.

Loft Ladders

If you have an attic at home, there are many options to access it; however, the simplest and most popular mode of doing so is with loft ladders. If you are planning to choose loft ladders for your attic, here we will discuss some useful information to help you with the purchase.

Need for loft ladders

Many people wonder whether a loft ladder can be an alternative to a stair. The answer is yes, having a loft ladder is beneficial over a wooden stair for a number of reasons as;

  • It takes only lesser room when compared to stairs.
  • You can easily remove it when not needed, to get the benefit of that extra space.
  • Loft ladders have a more appealing look when compared to wooden stairs.
  • Lofts are often converted into living space, which requires a quick and compact access method, which loft ladders serve at best.
  • Loft ladders can be utilitarian, elegant, and flexible to choose in the way you wish.

There are plenty of models of loft ladders available now, ranging from standard vertical ladders to angled slopes, which makes it easier for the users to fearlessly climb on. A loft ladder is also very easy to install, and can be instantly integrated to any style and type of homes to go well with the design scheme.

Considerations to be done

As discussed above, loft ladders are of various sizes, colors, and materials. The choices include aluminum ladders, wooden ladders, telescopic ladders, and concertina loft ladders to name a few. Similar to the attic stairs, loft ladders can also be easily attached to the wall under the loft.

You can also get moving loft ladders, which are usually used in libraries. There are now electric loft ladders too that help people with limited mobility and strength issues. The two basic safety features to be checked while choosing a loft ladder are;

  • Handrails and,
  • Non-slippery rubber feet.

Buying a ladder

For home use, to preserve space, a lot of people use folding loft ladders over a spiral staircase. These ladders can be easily folded and conveniently stored at the ceiling while not in use. Telescopic ladder is another good choice that has a super-compact profile.

It is ideal to take advice of your licensed constructor and also to check with the local building rules before purchasing loft ladders. Some states made it a mandate that there must be two methods of egress and ingress at attics and other such places. However, loft ladders can also act as secondary safety ladders too to ensure a rapid fire escape through a second story window.

Aluminum loft ladders are available now in natural milled finish or with more durable powder-coated finish. Wood ladders are made in hardwood as Alder, Mahogany, White Oak, Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, Birch, and Walnut etc. There is also a wide range of enamel and metallic finishes available in the ladder hardware too.

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