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The green driving project is a game that has been designed to make eco driving easy and fun. The application is different from any other mobile applications as it does not only apply apply in the virtual world but also in the real world. Eco-driving has three main categories that is maintenance of the vehicle,the proper driving style and crash avoidance. The aim of this game is to teach how to eco drive in a real life situation.a lot of tricks about ecodriving are expounded in the game and this can be done in a few steps that are highlighted.


To use the application, download it from the internet to your mobile phone. Plug an OBD scanner or a data logger to the car which will keep record of the car’s location, trip time, distance covered, the amount of fuel used, the speed and the RPM of the engine. The information obtained is sent to the database of the green driving project and analysed. The results are displayed

How It Works In form of maps and statistics on the project. The players are rated on a monthly basis and those who have won the top ecodriving recognitions are also shown.

This game is played in the car while driving.in order to get points, the player must eco drive and must pay extra attention on the road. The player does not need to look at the phone or the tablet as their purpose is mainly to collect data from the car. This makes the application safe for use. The major benefits that are obtained from this game is the amount of money saved and the amount of carbon (iv ) oxide emission reduced due to reduced fuel consumption.

This game is a good strategy that will encourage eco driving and hence reduce global warming and other negative effects to the environment. It addresses critical issues such as climate change and creates awareness on how to save the environment in a fun and safe way.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/nmH2uK

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