Air Yeezy II Crossfit Shoes from Nike: Featuring Style with Comfort

Nike launched the Air Yeezy II line few years. The Air Yeezy 2 is the follow up line to the 2009 collection of the brand’s collaboratively designed shoes with designer/rapper Kanye West. The Air Yeezy II was launched on 9th June 2013. Following the launch of this new line, several yeezy 2 replicas have hounded the market. You certainly would not want to buy replica Yeezy 2. Thus, you should be well aware of how to spot a fake one and differentiate it from an authentic one.

Air Yeezy II Crossfit ShoesThe original version of the Yeezy was essentially late- 80’s shoes for basketball. However, the Yeezy II is designed on an outsole of a tennis show, to be very specific, the Air Tech Challenge II. The overall shoe’s silhouette is relatively slim than the outgoing version. Partly, this can be attributed to getting rid of not so necessary padding.

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Another reason is the fact that the new shoe is tailor designed for the foot for Kanye West’ and is assumedly narrower. The Nike Yeezy 2 is a limited-edition shoes line and was sold at a price of 245 dollars. It was launched in two different colors- black with pink accents and platinum with faint orange accents.

Both the versions of best crossfit shoes come fitted with a sole which is seen in a minty green shade. The Yeezy shoes can be rightly claimed to be a genius outcome of the much-successful collaboration between Nike’s creative director Mark Smith and Kanye West, a Grammy-winning rapper and multi-platinum winner.

These cool sneakers made their debut appearance at Grammy Awards of the year 2008. After their first appearance, these stylish sneakers instantly became the talking point and created a lot of hype and emerged as the collectors’ thing for all Yeezy enthusiasts and sneaker fans in general.

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