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Spotlighters Theater has been a home away from home in Baltimore Theatre community for 54 years. Sadly, our lease expires soon, and we need a new permanent residence. It is always difficult to leave a place that has been your home for more than a decade. But we are also excited of what a new, larger facility will offer us and our audience in the coming years. This is an opportunity for us that will also have a greater impact on Baltimore City to it becoming a fully fledged arts centre.


Our next move won’t be far away from where we have been residing because we are targeting property that is situated in Bromo Arts District. This place is just downtown and not far from where we lived. If we get the new building, we can:-

– Continue to render the best services as we have done before to all our audiences

– Become accessible and provide more comfortable space to our patrons and patronesses

– Offer other local theater companies space to perform

But we cannot succeed alone without getting help from the local experts in development and architecture. They will help us in developing a proposal to the city so that we obtain an affordable building. Our Arts consulting group can do us this job, but we need to raise at least $25,000 by the end of 2015 so that we can give them their dues. To start off, we have already managed to raise $4,000, but this has not even reached halfway towards our target.

That’s why your donation towards this goal is highly welcomed. Don’t worry about how much you can give us the little you have for us will be highly appreciated. Your gift and support will make this theatre a success and accessible to more people across Baltimore, provide the youth with theatrical education, and also help to create a beautiful place where the community can come together and enjoy their good time. I know you can help us reach our goal and ‘spotlighters’ will keep on producing great theatre.

You can support this project and join the them at:

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