An Indiegogo Project Featuring Disabled Graphic Novel Protagonists

Comic books and graphic novels don’t just usually focus on able-bodied people. They specifically focus on individuals who are not only able-bodied, but super-powered. People who have actual disabilities can feel as if these sorts of stories are really not aimed at them. Many comic book writers are able-bodied themselves, and they often don’t even imagine that they might have frustrated disabled readers. This Indiegogo project is advertising a comic book series that is going to change all of that:

The comic book creator himself is a person with a disability, and he is creating characters who seem to have the same challenges. As such, he is approaching the situation from a position of knowledge and experience, which should give his writers more credibility than the writings of someone else who might be approaching the subject. He makes it clear that all of the characters that he is creating are going to have characteristics that set them apart from the typical comic book protagonists.

The writer is keenly aware of the fact that creating works like this is finally becoming more common, and that this is definitely the right age to write something like this. People who want to learn more about the basic project can follow the link to the writer’s website, where some character outlines are explained in detail for the benefit of everyone who might be reading.

The Indiegogo page itself is extremely basic, with only the introductory video for guidance. However, people will still very easily get a sense of what the graphic novel series is going to be about, and they will be able to confirm whether or not this is something that they want to support. This is certainly not the sort of graphic novel series that people are going to see every day, which is impressive in a world that is full of comic book stories.


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