Clean air is right around the corner!

In view of the rising pollution levels across the world, air purification is fast becoming a need. While purifying the air outdoors seems too far from the realty, individuals can at least ensure pure air inside their households.

With this requirement in mind, Purair MyTree has conceptualized an advanced personal air purification system that can ensure longer and healthy living for families. The concept details and product demonstration are available on kickstarter. It has been named as “Bonsai”.


A portable air purifier, bonsai works by air sensor technology. It is pertinent to note that Bonsai’s functions are beyond simple cleaning of the air. It works with the technique of purifying the area surrounding it by absorbing the impure elements.

This product will be of vital importance and significance in hospitals, allowing chronically ill patients relief from impurities in breath and ensuring speedy recovery. Also, individuals having unexplained allergies or breathing ailments like asthma can be helped.

Purair aims at reducing the hospitalizations by providing fresher air that will cut down rates of sickness. Bonsai is a highly portable device that can be held over the palm and carried anywhere and everywhere.

It can be utilized for enhancing mood, relieving stress, remove threat of passive smoking. Its key features include rechargeable battery, air quality sensor, noiseless fan, washable filter, USB power, advanced cluster technology and air stand.

To make it convenient for handling, purair also provides a chic travel case with the device for carrying it safely.

Kickstarter provides a full video demonstration of the product here:

Bonsai is currently seeking user feedback at kickstarter. It has not yet been launched in the market. It has negative ions that are safe enough for human use.

The air stand is detachable. It helps elevating the height of the device and enhances result. The washable filters save expenses as they can be cleaned easily. The cost of the product has not yet been specified. Bonsai boasts about its zero maintenance quality.

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