Football For Small Kids

There is hardly any other sport in the world that matches the popularity, intensity and passion of football. Both spectators and participants all over the world simply love the competitive nature and the thrill of this team game. These people appreciate the fact that in spite of being a simple game, you need have an impressive technique and skill with the ball if you intend to play the sport correctly. For many of these people becoming proficient in controlling the ball with their feet and moving it effortlessly around the field is itself a challenge but to them seeing their favorite football players do it with such ease is a thrill. However, a few of ardent fans like Jonathan Bunge  go to extent of emphasizing the positive life skills that children can study from playing the game along with its healthy benefits.

Football For Small Kids

Jonathan Bunge is a passionate football fan from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States, who loves the game so much that he tries to popularize among the next generation through his blog posts and writings. Mr. Bunge is in the transport industry and his job profile requires him to travel long distances with very little time for himself. However, that does not stop him from seizing the opportunity to indulge in his passions of sharing his views on football with other ardent fans, his experience on the road, watching his favorite team play their league matches and tattoos. Many of his blog posts on the life skills that football teaches young children are informative and a number of children and their parents may find reading such blogs very interesting.

Jonathan Bunge advocates that the society in general should encourage and promote football among youngsters and adolescents to produce productive, hard-working, resilient, ambitious and well-balanced individuals. He emphasizes that football is a team sport in which one single player rarely influences the game. In this sport, each team has eleven players and every player need to communicate and coordinate with each other to excel as a cohesive unit to win the match. This implies respecting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. To work a cohesive team, each team member tries to compensate another team member’s weakness with his strength.

This infuses the virtues of self-confidence, team spirit, cooperation, coordination, leadership, self-discipline, communication and responsibility among these among these youngsters and adolescences. This assists in the physical and mental development, as they become young adults. Moreover, these youngsters become more mature as they learn to work through adversities, learn from their mistakes and bounce back from their failures to become more resilient.

Jonathan Bunge further emphasizes that at a time when obesity and other health problems are a cause for concern among parents and the society, playing football is an ideal way for these youngster maintain their body weight. While playing this game these young people learn to improve their muscle tone, agility, flexibility and endurance through enhanced aerobic capacity and cardiovascular exercise.

The writing of Jonathan Bunge gives parents an insight on how playing football can help their children and adolescents to become productive, independent and responsible citizens.

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