General Overview for Group Chat

A lot, live group chat with styling abilities, attaching files and live talk is perfect for many industries and purposes. Sports fan clubs and sports live events often use group chat for their live discussions. It is perfect way to stay connected to a live community.


Users participating in this live event can:

  • Upload files
  • Take live photos
  • Send short audio messages
  • And talk to each other in a private chat (event with live audio and video)

Group chats are also good for:

  1. Study groups– Having a good attractive chatbox on a webpage is one of the most exciting ways that encourages the ongoing discussions during an event or a live show. Many students and universities are using the RumbleTalk chatroom platform.
  1. Small Teams – group chat is the ideal way for teams wanting to be able to connect each other.
  1. Online Events – Online events (even on Facebook) are most common these days than ever before. One of the best ways to sense your audience mood is through a group chatroom.
  1. Educational chat – Adding a chat to a virtual class room makes it very attractive to students. Being able to add images and videos only amplifies the experience.

Over 10 universities and over 100 e-learning websites are using RumbleTalk.

  1. Social Trading – Last year’s made stocks and options trading the kingdom of automatic computer invocation (algo Trading). However, during the past 8 years, a new concept has emerged – a social trading for “Humans”. It includes mainly a social chat and forum where professionals trade together while chatting, sharing images and videos in the chatroom. Group chatroom has become an essential tool for traders.

RumbleTalk Group Chat

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