Having Fun With Your Interiors

When you’re a parent, you have a million and one things to think about, and it doesn’t matter what age your children are.

Okay, when they’re older, you can sometimes leave them to their own devices, but you’ll always be there to pick up the pieces.

When they’re younger, you need to think about the interior of your home and make sure that it can withstand the rough and tumble of boisterous youngsters.

Modern-Formal-Living-Room-Ideas-InteriorThink of wear and tear

When the two of you are on your own, your furniture gets some gentle use and can last for a long time without being replaced. Not so when you have kids.

They’ll bounce on things, jump on things, draw on things, and bang toys on walls, so you need to plan how to make your home interiors durable enough so that they don’t suffer too much.

It gets expensive if you constantly have to renew things.

Don’t make things fussy

You might like to see and have tables covered in fabric or chairs and couches that have skirts.

Beware! There’s nothing that kids like more than tugging at a fabric and thus sending anything on the table crashing to the floor.

Chair skirts are a magnet for dirty shoe prints, dust bunnies, and pet hair, so go in favor of exposed legs.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful items in your home. Kids will break things by accident, but if you encourage them to make choices about what they would like to have in their room as well as in the living areas, then the chances are they’ll take more care about how they act around them.

Make everything low maintenance

When you have children, you’ve hardly ever got enough time to do things. Make your home low maintenance. You don’t have the time to primp your drapes, fluff your pillows, or dust around little ornaments. Make your home family-friendly.

Instead of drapes, why not install window shutters? They come in lots of materials and colors, you can clean them easily, and they’re ideal for controlling light in rooms as well as providing insulation when you need.

Designer shutters mean that the problems you could have with washing drapes and little fingers pulling at them are eliminated.

Low maintenance also relates to your furniture. Fabric-covered chairs and couches may look lovely, but you need to think about how much cleaning you will have to do when the inevitable spills occur from the children’s drinks or food. Leather sofas are durable, attractive, and easy to maintain.

Got a spill? Wipe it up and the sofa will look as good as new.

Avoid white or light-colored carpets. You’re back to the inevitability of things being spilled, and it can be difficult – and expensive ­– to get these cleaned.

You could look at dark colors for your floor coverings, and rich patterns conceal a multitude of sins!

Fill your house with light

The easiest way to give your room a new look without any decreased durability is to add a skylight to the room. Ordinary windows can, of course, be broken. Skylights, however, are very difficult for children to break.

According to the pros at A-Top Roofing & Construction, “Besides providing natural light to a specific area, a skylight offers a view to the outside that can brighten any room.”

This makes a skylight the perfect addition to a living room, especially a living room full of rambunctious kids.

Enjoy your decorating

Have fun with your décor. Children appreciate attractive spaces, and if you teach them to enjoy their surroundings, then you’ll find they will be more receptive to helping you look after your home.

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