Keylogger: Install Spytector to reduce the wastage of time by your employees

As an employer, you would always expect your employees to be dedicated to work, but that is not possible. Employees waste a lot time on activities other than work. This is acceptable up to some extend if it does not adversely affect the productivity of the employee or the sales in the business. But when the wastage time starts increasing, it becomes a big problem for the employers.


Culprits behind wastage of time

One of the main reasons behind the wastage of time at the work is the social media platforms and the e-commerce websites. The employees waste a massive amount of time on such activities rather than doing any productive work. When the internet is provided to the workers, it is obvious that they will get distracted and start browsing websites that are not related to work as a time pass. This not only increases the wastage of time, but your entire office network is risked.

Most of the companies think that their network firewall and security is enough to protect their data, but it is not true. You need a program that is able to monitor the activities of your employees so that you are able to take necessary disciplinary actions to reduce the wastage of time and increase the productivity.

Benefits and uses of Spytector

Spytector is software that allows you to monitor the activities of your employees in a hidden manner. It is an undetectable and invisible program that provides you information about the activities of your employees secretly. The software does not appear as a running program in the Windows Task Manager, thus it makes sure that your employees will never be able to find that they are being monitored. It doesn’t matter whether you use antivirus or not, Spytector is designed in such a way that it works effectively in the presence of all major antivirus such as Norton, AVAST, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee and many more. To know more visit

There are a lot of benefits of using Spytector, as it allows you not only monitor the activities of the employees, but allows to take necessary steps to reduce the wastage of time. The software enables you to block social media websites so that your employees do not waste time on them. It also features with a functionality of retrieving chats and passwords, which allows you to see whom your employees talk, but this should be used to increase to their productivity and not for any personal reasons.


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