Know about The Richest Football Players In The World

More than 70 percent of people in this world love and watch the game of football. It is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world. The game has the most followers who watch the game and thus has become the richest sport in the world. The clubs of Europe are the richest football clubs in the world and the players they sign each season are the top players.


These players have to be bought at hefty sum for their contribution to the seasonal rankings and trophies. Apart from that, the players have several million fans worldwide and are endorsed by top bands to represent them adding more fuel to the already burning fire, making them world richest football players.

The list of the richest football players starts with Lionel Messi of Argentina is presently the richest player on the world his web price last year was $110 million. He endorses popular brands like Adidas, and Pepsi, just last year his receiving was £27.5 million. Second come David Beckham with millions of fan following, a lot of popular brands are endorsed by him like Adidas and Samsung.

His earning last year was $31.5 Million, and his net worth is near $219 Million Dollars. Christiano Ronaldo, He is sponsored by the likes of Nike, Castrol, Armani, Coca-Cola and earned $29.2million and the net worth is $160 Million.

Samuel Eto’o endorses brands like Ford and Puma and is worth $23.3 Million, his net worth is 60 million dollars. Wayne Rooney of England endorses brands like EA Sports and Nike he earned $20.6 million and his net worth are $59 million. They are the some of the richest football players in the world.

The list of the richest football players continues with Sergio Aguero his net price being $59 million and is worth 18.8 Million. Then comes Yaya Toure who is currently worth are$19 Million and his net worth are17.6 Million dollars. Fernando Torres is at eight, earning 16.7 million dollars, his net worth being $33.5 million.

Ricardo Kaka also several brands and does several advertisements he earned 15.5 million dollars and his net worth is several million dollars. Philipp Lahm come joins at the end with his yearly earnings of 16.7 million.

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