Machines That Have Changed The Manufacturing Sector

There are so many goods available to the modern consumer that it can be hard to imagine that there was a time when it was not so. The rise of technology has led to machines that have the capability to make manufacturing easier, safer, and more precise.


3D printing

In the beginning, 3D printers were more of a novelty than anything else. Small plastic parts and sculptures were about all they were capable of. Modern 3D printers have the ability to replicate metal parts as well as plastic. Since printers can print a variety of items on demand, it helps reduce the cost of custom manufacturing or the manufacturing of items that are needed but have lower volume demands.

Plastic injection molding

Many of the items used every day are made using plastic injection molding. Combs, toys, plumbing, and medical devices can all be made using this technique. Machines are actually really simple but yield very precise results. Hot plastic materials are injected into a mold and allowed to form. This allows for great consistency of quality and precision. Costs are kept low because there is little waste and not much in the way of manual labor.

Car manufacturing

Vehicle safety, performance, and durability has increased dramatically over the years. This is due to fantastic new innovations from hard-working engineers. Many of these improvements have stemmed from racing teams trying to improve performance. These technologies then become affordable enough to be replicated in everyday cars. Load cells have helped engineers develop these technologies by measuring the level of the forces involved. This allows for precision adjustments and more precise manufacturing of parts and accessories for automobiles. Transducer Techniques is a company that manufactures load cells. These products have been used by Formula One racing teams that have developed such innovations as the kinetic energy recovery system, active suspension, and better tires.

Sand casting

Sand casting is the method used to make many of the metal objects we use every day. A mold of sand is made and hot metal or metal alloys are poured into the mold. This method allows for precise casting of components and is used to manufacture car parts, gears, pulleys, and more. It is a common process for custom-made parts because the molds are only used once. Any type of metal alloy can be used.

Laser manufacturing

Lasers allow for precise welding as well as the cutting of intricate holes and shapes in metal. Engraving is also carried out with lasers. The precision of a laser makes it possible for manufacturing to be less tedious for people. Since lasers are cost-effective, it means that consumers can get better products for a lower price. The next time you get a beautiful metal bird feeder or metal lantern, imagine the labor and cost that would have been involved if it had to be done totally by hand.

Future manufacturing

In the future, it is likely that manufacturing will become increasingly efficient and more automated than ever. Better materials and techniques will reduce waste as much as possible. It will be amazing to see these changes.

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