Making your business attractive to buyers is the secret of successful business merger

Entrepreneurs have different kinds of business goals related to its longevity. Some are keen to launch the business, make it grow and stick to it. They hardly have any plans of exiting the business at any point in time. They want to create a legacy that can be passed on to the next generation and they work towards it.


On the other hand, there are some entrepreneurs who start with a blue print of business that includes an exit strategy. They have a plan in place to hand over the business some years down the line and take out the money from it. Business mergers and acquisitions are ideal for the latter group.

Decide on the future of business

As an entrepreneur you have to set your goals clear about the future of your business. This has to be decided at the time when your business is still on the drawing boards. The decision that you take will have a long lasting impact on the future of your business.

If cashing out at a later date is your strategy of business then you have to know about the best ways of running the business so that it can attract buyers.  How to make your business attractive for business mergers has been described in this article.

Give equal emphasis to all areas of business

Some businesses take a lopsided approach in the way it is run. Instead of giving the same importance and emphasis on all functional areas of business like sales, marketing, engineering, finance, materials, the focus in on one particular functional area. This can weaken the performance in other areas.

It happens due the parochial approach of the person heading the business, perhaps the CEO. If the leader has a penchant for the core area of his expertise, such things can happen. Buyers are averse to such unbalanced approach that seems risky for overall good business performance. If business mergers are on the cards then uniform and balanced business performance has to be ensured.

Set high standards of performance

As an entrepreneur interested to sell out the business some day, you have to set high standards of performance in all functional areas. There has to be close co-ordination between the departments and the executive team to identify the key business processes of each area and then work towards achieving excellence.

This would ensure that the best standards are achieved for all functions that would reflect in the overall performance of the organization.  This would be attractive for buyers.

Develop a system driven organization

Invest in systems instead of relying too much on individual talent. While talent drives the organization up to a certain time, it is a strong system that can take it forward and elevate it to new heights. This is required during the growth phase when efficiency gives the cutting edge in gaining competitive advantage.

Above all, the financials of the company have to be well organized with records being maintained immaculately. It makes easy for buyers to assess the company health to make an attractive offer.

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