Marc J Leder’s philanthropy is making a positive change in the society

Success brings responsibility. The co-founder of Sun Capital Partner, Inc., Marc J Leder believes in this statement. Along with his partner, Rodger R Krouse, Marc has made pioneering efforts towards the vast community and helped countless organizations in their philanthropic pursuits.

Sun Capital Partner

Sun Capital Partners, Inc founded in the year 1995 has now evolved to be one of the most prominent companies that focus on debt, private equity, investments and leveraged buyouts. The company started from a small conference room and now it is regarded as one of the most proficient companies globally. But both the co-founders never forgot their roots and now step up their philanthropic efforts to make a positive change in the society.

From the responsibility and willingness to bring a change, Marc Leder and his partner established Sun Capital Partners Foundation in the year 2007. The objective was to unite the large family of Sun Capital including employees, portfolio companies and business partners under one roof and to make a comprehensive effort to better the society that people live in.

Since its inception, it has made a commendable record of supporting and assisting more than 250 non-profit organizations and their various worthy initiatives. The efforts include assistance for the people affected in hurricanes and earthquakes or children who are living in a state of helplessness. The organization is humbled that their endeavor reaches the people who are in need and the comprehensive effort made significant changes in their lives.

This foundation is grounded with definite principles that it follows in all its philanthropic efforts. It is based on integrity, fairness, passion and commitment. Along with the operating heads, all the employees associated with this organization also plays a constructive role. A committee has been formed that will evaluate all the potential charitable partners. This complete evaluation is necessary which ensures that the assistance and money put forward by the foundation reaches those people who need it to make a positive impact.

The organization works with a specific commitment and only one goal- to bring a smile in the faces of people facing numerous problems and issues. Improving their lives is only one mission of this foundation. The foundation has associated itself with many such organizations and offered assistance to more than 250 charities. It includes educational academies, schools, helping hands, health foundations, certified organizations for women and research organizations.

The state of Florida is prone to various natural calamities that destroy the lives and livelihood of thousands of people. Based in this state, Marc J Leder believes that it is his duty and responsibility to help all the people who are in distress. When asked, he mentioned that he wants to leave a legacy that people would remember him as one of the best private equity investors where most of his earning will go to charity. Along with his partner, he also supports two non profit charter schools located in Florida which he wishes to increase in near future.

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