Match the Preps – the new campaign towards nurturing sports broadcasters

In case you have an interest towards sports broadcasting, then your ideal supporting hand for your journey towards becoming one is CityPrepRadio. They are a team of online sports broadcasting experts focused towards helping students with talent for becoming a sports broadcasting expert. The team has initiated an effort to deliver quality and resourceful news related to sports industry across the country.


CityPrepRadio recently announced the launch of their new campaign “Match the Preps” [#MTP800]. The campaign is aimed towards involving high school students to participate in news broadcast. Students gain a chance to broadcast news regarding sports activities in their school.

This will in turn help gather public attention towards young talents and also create confidence and self motivation in students. Former NFL Topper, Daniel Graham has been the recent celebrity who has come out to endorse efforts initiated by CityPrepRadio.

Dakarai Box, the brain behind CityPrepRadio is of the opinion that if athletes are offered with an opportunity to practise their favourite sport right from childhood; why not give the same opportunity to students who wish to become sports broadcasters? Also, the team will soon enter into partnership with top schools and organizations spread across the country.

Their efforts have been gaining attention from sports enthusiasts, pro athletes and even various other sports organizations. CityPrepRadio also offers platform for sponsorship to interested candidates. Also, other sports organizations or companies who wish to promote their sports brands and products can do so by creating product advertisement with CityPrepRadio channel.


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