Medical counseling that teach women to take care of themselves for a joyful living

Depression is a dreaded word today with 20 percent of the American population affected by it. It is a silent killer that often goes undiagnosed due to the reluctance of people to reach out for help as in most cases they are unable to accept the fact that they are afflicted by mental illness. Women are more likely to suffer from depression and those living below poverty level and belonging to the colored breed are likely to be more severely affected.  Most of these women are undereducated and unemployed and are exposed to the greatest risk of problems related to mental health. Unfortunately, this group does not have access to basic healthcare not to talk about mental health.

mental problems

Speedy treatment for mental problems

There are some organizations that are working tirelessly to reach out to this group of women and offer women’s medical counseling to alleviate the problems and empower women to lead a healthy and respectable life. The first step is to ensure that these women receive medical care because the government mental health programs can take just too long time to start treatment. The wait can be as high as 3 months. The problem is not only about waiting but it needs a lot of perseverance to follow up and get things done, which often have discouraging effects.  The frequency of subsequent appointments is so widely spaced that it becomes difficult to continue treatment.

Striving for a better life

All schemes pertaining to women placed below the poverty level are aimed at providing food, clothing as well as shelter. While these are important undoubtedly, perhaps no less important is the need for women’s medical counseling. The purpose of counseling is to win the trust of the affected women so that they are assured of empathetic handling, which is highly needed.  The scope of medical counseling for women not only focuses on treatment of mental problems but it has wider vision of empowering women for a better quality of life.

Removing the barriers

Looking at the reasons that hold back poverty stricken women from receiving medical treatment for mental health, it will be seen that there are several practical, psychological and cultural barriers that prevents them.  In order to create an environment that is conducive for these women to take up treatment and continue with it, the barriers are effectively removed through women’s medical counseling.

Creating awareness

The objective of counseling is to create awareness about the social stigma that is attached to mental illness. Unless there is complete understanding about the threat and available remedies, it is not possible to convince women about the need for treatment.  The causes are unearthed by using psycho-educational methods and the treatment that is available is highlighted.

In the next step the barriers that prevented women from availing treatment and continuing with it are systematically removed.  All past traumatic experiences that have left mental scars are addressed so that the women are closely heard, understood and supported by life coaches to show them the path to healthy living that gives contentment and joy.

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