Olympics – Where Patriotism, Universal Brotherhood and Individual Achievement Blend

The Winter Olympics are where fierce patriotism, universal brotherhood and individual achievement blend creating the perfect microcosm of the universe.


The modern winter Olympic Games, where the majority of the countries of the world meet every two years now, it used to be every four years previously, is a miniature of the world. It brings out the best in the spectators, the athletes and the countries of the world who really become contestants in the ‘bigger’ event.

Every person puts his or her differences aside as they are involved in this remarkable global event, while at the same time demonstrating their personal best efforts and deepest patriotic feelings as athletes. The Olympics are the one place where you do not have to be from a powerful or rich country, a big well-known nation or a wealthy family to be treated correspondingly and have the same chance to win.

John Kasper Bobsled holds a degree in health and physical education from Upper Iowa University and a master’s in sports and athletic business administration from Central Missouri State University. He was a member of the U.S. Bobsled Team from 1995 to 2001, and a representative for the U.S. Bobsled Federation.  John Kasper competed in the 4-man bobsled event during the 1998 Winter Olympics.

In every athlete, national pride is ingrained and every event or game, yet so is consideration for fellow athletes from all over the world. Times of true catastrophe bring out the best in all of the people of the world, but the Olympic Games are the one event that for at least once every two years brings out the best in mankind without a crunch or crisis.

It takes much more than ambition and patriotism to host successful Games. It is significant to show full respect to all athletes – to shining stars or the Cool Running Teams, as well as to the cultures and countries of the world they come from, to the audiences who come to embrace the games, to the Olympic spirit itself, and to all those who have participated before. It is a fine line between personal ambitions; love of country and at least for 18days every two years, world unity. But, sitting together as a family and viewing the Olympics with your children can be one of the supreme shared experiences a family can have including inspiration and lessons without a straight word ever being said. John Kasper Bobsled is also a professional athlete in the arena of bobsled and was an associate of the USA Winter Olympic Team.

The Winter Olympics are the apex of true global understanding and the epitome of the outreach for a superior world, unlike the contractual leagues of nations, global coalitions, and the talk of world orders put together and planned by scheming and selfish businessmen and politicians. Hopefully all should remember that and follow true unity and the light of the Olympic torch rather than the darkness of idle chatter of conquerors and dividers.

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