Open Season: Growing up Black in America; Poetry by Darryl Harvey

“Open Season: Growing up Black in America,” is the work of self-published author Darryl Harvey, who is seeking to fund this new book of poetry to be printed and distributed. This book of poetry is a work that describes what he sees as a social worker in Chicago as he works with underprivileged youth, as well as his own memories of his children experiences on the Westside of Chicago growing up.

Open Season

Through the medium of poetry, Harvey’s powerful memories, reflections, and commentary on not only the past, but the present existence of violence, drug addiction, homelessness, and other socio-economic issues experienced and seen is painted in words in his work of poetry.

While the gritty truth is revealed, there are also colorful characters as well, and reminiscing of innocent times, and the simple enjoying of life. While this book may be shocking at times, and possibly take you back to your own childhood, this book of poetry is an important read and engagement—especially if you have never felt or experienced the touch of socio-economic disadvantages in your life.

Through Kickstarter, Darryl Harvey is seeking to raise $2,000 or more to cover the first run of printing and distribution of his new book of poetry, to fulfill the pledge rewards to those who donate, for marketing supplies (such as bookmarks, banners, and flyers), vendor admission fees to major book fairs, social marketing services, website services, and professional services needed for his campaign.

Having to do all of his own marketing himself to date, if the campaign reaches its goal and raises the money needed to not only print the pre-ordered books, the author will be using that money for a more integrated marketing strategy with professional guidance, to spread the word as it should, across this nation and abroad.This is an important campaign, because not only is this social worker and author trying to educate and inform those who have been victim to or been witness to the life of a disadvantaged youth and racial inequality, but Harvey is sending such a powerful and important message about not only the past, but present state of our country. In the form of a book of poetry, his prose will allow you to enter that world and with great hope—to make our nation a better place, one set of eyes at a time.

Visit the Kickstarter page for “Open Season: Growing up Black in America” here at:, and visit for more information about the author, the book of poetry, and more importantly, for the chance to contribute to a cause with real impact for both youths and adults in this diverse nation.

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