Planning Pregnancy Before With Different Tests

Every woman today plan about their pregnancies and can get conceived at the time when they want. In this busy life, for everything we need to make plans as no one seems free. This article is for those who are trying to get pregnant with their plans.

AccuMed Combo Ovulation PregnancyIdentifying fertile period is very important. Most of the women know that during their menstrual cycle there are some specific days in which they can become pregnant. Those specific days are called fertile period. What actually occurs is during that period an egg will be released from the ovary that can be fertilized by the release of the sperm. This is called ovulation scientifically. If you are menstrual cycle is not regular you cannot calculate your fertile period. If you have heavy irregular and heavy menstrual cramps it is good to consult gynaecologist once.

Before fertile period: It is the time when your pregnancy occurs so make yourself available to your partner and have sex with him frequently. Then the sperm will be stored six days and waits for an egg from your body for fertilization. Recent studies have proven that the reason for decrease in chances of getting pregnant is most of women get up immediately after the intercourse. It is suggested that to stay for 15 minutes sleeping horizontally can help to get pregnancy. This is because the sperm in the uterus should not be affected as it has to finish the mission.

In case if you are not good at calculating your periods and fertile periods, it is recommended to take the help of pregnancy test strips which are now available easily online.  Since these are really cheap one can easily check with them on daily basis. AccuMed’s Combo Ovulation Pregnancy pack contains 40 ovulation (LH) strips and 20 pregnancy (HCG) strips which make it easy for to be moms for all their pregnancy and ovulation/fertility test. One can check more about these strips in detail on the Amazon page where it is sold worldwide at very affordable price.

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