Sharpen your Photographic skills with Tips from Vijaya

Photographing people or objects in motion requires special considerations. Photographers know that in order to freeze an object that is in transit, the camera should be set to a high shutter speed generally. The opening and closing rate of the shutter ascertains whether the object will be blurry, as does the camera activity, lens, and obviously the most bases of items, focus.


A medical abstract writer Vijaya Prakash Boggala is a fervent photographer who specializes in action photography. He says that when photographing an object that is in motion, it is important to ensure that the shutter speed is also faster. He further added that in certain instances the amount of available light will not be adequate to allow for a fast enough shutter speed. In this case a better lens aperture must be used.

Action photography takes pictures of activities that include action such as adventure activities, sports, and daring feats. It is vital in this type of photography that the photographer can forestall when it is best to click photos. Moreover, the photographer should be eager to venture on this risk-taking quest and should be quick at responding for clicking pictures. Listed below are some of the essential tips provided by Vijaya which will help you to take flawless action photography:

  • Raise your shutter speed as the higher it is, the better is the action captured.
  • Adjust your aperture to get a sharper picture.
  • For fast-moving subjects, the best configuration is typically to allow some space on the side of the photo where they are traveling.
  • Capture the expression on the face of the subject as this certainly adds much more drama to the photo.
  • Another important tip is to shoot from down low as this will make your subject look influential.  This actually makes the subject look dramatic and dominant.
  • Using the flash of your camera is also a great method to capture matchless action photos. It is best to utilize the flash when you are nearer to the focus and when the background is dim. This technique helps to freeze the action and focus your subject extra. As the light is focused on the subject, the background will usually become blurred resulting in a stunning effect. Just remember to always pre-focus, plan your shot, and plan to capture delightful photos with your subject standing out from the scene.

So, if are the owner of a digital camera but you do not know how to shot the best action shots; then you are take help of the above mentioned tips and will be surprised to see the amazingly lovely photographs.

Apart from having extraordinary skills in action photography, Vijaya Boggala also knows how to shoot slow shutter speed photography and landscape photography. In the leisure hours he also loves to watch live sports take part in the DIY projects. Vijaya has passion for painting especially by using oil and acrylic paints.

At present, he stays in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has a four-year-old son.

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