Singapore Ranked 5th in Travel Freedom

Traveling is a phenomenal luxury to take advantage of as there are thousands of destinations around the world that are just waiting for you. As a resident of Singapore, it can be much simpler to visit illustrious locations without having to worry about travel documents such as visas. Out of the top 5 most accepted passports in the world, Singapore was ranged 5th as per a study conducted by Henley & Partners. This ranking stated that Singapore gave its citizens the ability to visit over 173 different cities and countries without needing a visa.


Other Ranking Countries

All of the countries were relatively close as the front runner, Germany, had citizens who could visit over 177 different countries without a visa, only 4 more countries than Singapore. In Asia, both Japan and Singapore were the leading countries on the Visa Restrictions Index. In second place was Sweden and in third Finland, France, Spain, Italy, and Britain were all tied. In fourth place there is the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

In terms of the countries that performed the worst on the index, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan are the 3 that restricted their citizens passports the most. Residents of Afghanistan could only visit 25 countries, Iraq with 30 countries, and Pakistan with 29 countries. In total, the index measures 219 destinations across the globe.

What Does This Mean for Travelers?

The easiest way to describe how Singapore’s ranking affects you as a traveler is by stating that you can visit more places around the world easier than other residents in various countries. For example, if you have an individual with an Iraq passport and a Singapore passport at the border for the United States, it would be easier to enter the country under a Singaporean travel document.

Another important factor to consider as a traveler is the fact that you won’t have to worry about getting a visa to enter the country. Getting a visa can be a time consuming process either at the airport or before you enter the country.

What is a Visa?

There are dozens of different types of visas but in most circumstances the countries ranked lowest on the index would be required to get what is known as a “visitors visa”. These travel documents allow the individuals into their desired country of travel for a limited amount of time. They then have the allotted time to ensure that they travel back to their home country otherwise legal repercussions could occur. For example, a 14-day visitor’s visa means that you can spend a total of 14 days in Canada without having to worry about applying for an extended visa or returning to your home country. You will be expected to fly back before the 13th or 14th day in order to be within your legal limits. In the event that an individual stays longer than their visa, they could have their travel documents scrutinized and may be denied entry into the country in the future.

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