Solve your Tooth loss Suffering Forever with Dental Implants

Despite dental improvements and advancement in awareness regarding teeth, still there are many people who unfortunately suffer tooth loss. According to a root canal specialist this is mostly due to the tooth decay, gum disease or injury. In the past treating the tooth loss was done through dentures and bridges but now dental implants have significantly replaced the traditional methods of treating it. What is dental implant and how it is better than dentures will be discussed in great detail so that you are able to make correct decision regarding your treatment of tooth loss.

Tooth loss SufferingWhat are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in simple and easy words are the replacement of tooth roots so that a string foundation can be provided for the replacement teeth to match with your natural teeth. This is done with so perfection that it is really hard to identify the replaced teeth. Implantation process of the tooth is surgical in which patient is given anaesthesia so that he or she doesn’t feel pain. Different doctors use different procedures for dental implants, some of them are more inclined to use the three stage surgery procedure, Burbank dental implants is one of them. In this process first of all the tooth is removed from existing roots and then allowed to heal so the metal collar could be inserted into it to provide the basis for the tooth replacement. Whereas the one stage surgery method removes the tooth and places the replacement at the same time and then it is allowed to heal. The type of method used is mainly dependent upon the patient himself and also upon the strangeness of his gums. Surely this method seems impressive but what actually are the benefits of having dental implants would be still unclear to you. The following section will discuss the benefits of dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • The biggest advantage of having dental implants is that it resembles just like your natural teeth and since it fuses well with the roots, it is a permanent solution.
  • Unlike in dentures, your teeth will never slip while eating or talking.
  • There is no tension and worry of removing the implants since these are permanent
  • These can certainly give back your smile and make you happy.
  • Dental implants have the major benefit that it keeps the other surrounding teeth unaffected as other teeth are nor removed or damaged.
  • Implants are certainly durable and will last for lifetime if proper care is done.

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Though people use dentures but mostly it is because of the lack of awareness among them over the benefits that they can have by using the implants rather than dentures. Dentures are basically the false teeth that can slip off while talking or eating and can cause serious embarrassment for you but this isn’t the case for implants. Despite dentures quality being improved, it is still problematic as stranger dentures causes decay in the teeth around the false teeth.

If you are missing a tooth and your jaw are reasonably strong than surely dental implant is the better option as it doesn’t affect the surrounding teeth and also because it can last for lifetime in some cases.

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