Techniques Involved During Decoration of Cake

Cake is the most delicious food that everybody craves for. This appetizer is usually a baked food made from the mixture of flour, sugar, eggs in case necessary and all such essential ingredients. There are varieties of cakes to make your mouth watering but nobody likes a simple and plain cake without any decoration on it. Thus to attract you and give a tinge to your taste buds, nowadays bakers and cake makers provide you with decoration on the cake.


Cake decoration is basically an art work done with sugar using icing or frosting and other edible decorative items so as to make the cake more presentable and visually attractive to the customers. Cake decorators create designs and various patterns with comestible food products on the cake. In fact many established and highly developed bakeries not only decorate cakes but they also apply an outer layer to cover the whole cake, which is known as fondant so as to provide extra clarity and charm to the cakes.

Cake decorations are basically adornments or embellishments that are placed on top or around the cakes so as to make it savory. Decoration of a cake can be done with fondant, royal icing, sugar paste, gum paste, chocolate candies and many more but the primary ingredient to make all these decorations possible is “sugar”. A decorated cake enhances party’s charm and makes any occasion whether birthday party or marriage event, remarkable for life time. Though, it is not necessarily required to always decorate a cake with fancy products. A simple layer of sprinkled icing sugar, grated coconut or a fine glossy blanket of glaze made of sugar syrup or melted chocolate; also raise the richness of cake thereby making it simply pleasing to the eyes.

This tempting and sweet delicacy becomes sweeter when it is fully covered with decorative food products and sugar icing. Cake decoration is nothing but a work of art and is completely dependent on the hands of a cake maker who with his highly developed baking skills provide you with this special form of unique artistry.

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