Telltale signs that your elevator needs maintenance

Maintaining a commercial building is no easy task. And often when it comes to any building, one always frets about the exterior look of the building like the paint and also its windows, doors and such. While one often always tries to keep it cleaned and also takes steps to maintain the wiring, there is one thing which is simply ignored most of the time.


And this one thing is the maintenance of the elevator. Not only is an elevator most important for the inhabitants of the building but also it is something which walks on a very thin line and a bit of lag on one’s part may just very well invite an uncanny situation.

Therefore both for safety and also to protect the investment, elevators should be maintained on a timely basis. Now, you might be wondering that when do you need to contact one of the New York elevator companies? Well that won’t be a worry when you readily know the signs which prompts that the elevator in your building is malfunctioning. These signs are as follows:

  1. Does the elevator car stops unevenly with the floors?

One often thinks that when the elevator car stops a little below the floor then it is a minor glitch. But this is a wrong idea as the sign very well means that the sensors of the elevators may be malfunctioning or the brakes might not be working as it should. Therefore in this case the elevator needs maintenance. Normally what happens with a malfunctional elevator brake is that it may not squeeze the cables tight enough so as to stop the car at the same level of the floor or when the car stops above the floor then the brakes may be over squeezing the cables. This is definitely not something safe and may give way to unwanted nuances so it’s best that upon noticing this sign the elevator is repaired. The professionals from any of the New York elevator companies will just check the brakes and will look out for any wears and tears on the cables as well.

  1. Do you hear any strange sound while the elevator is on the move?

Any unusual sounds from the elevator such as squeaking, grinding and squealing is an obvious sign that the elevator needs maintenance. These sounds only prompts that the elevator brakes are struggling to clasp the cables and also that the cable are therefore sliding through the brakes in a way too abrupt manner. So naturally it goes without saying that this is not at all a safe condition and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you are thinking that it can wait then you are utterly mistaken as it can compromise the safety of all inhabitants in the the building.

Now, that you know the signs which shows in the direction of your elevator malfunctioning, be sure to take care of the same on a timely manner so as to make sure about the aspect of safety.

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