The Innocent Banker (A novel based on true events)

The Innocent Banker is a book whose pages contain the story of a banker who is part of a large bank in Switzerland. Other than being a banker, the main character doubles up as a financial consultant. After several years of working for the Union Bank of Switzerland, he decides to leave and work on his own.

As he exits employment and ventures into self-employment, he takes with him several wealthy clients of the bank. He launches his very own investment-banking firm that is based in Luxembourg.

However, after a short while, he finds out that some sources of his client’s income are not as innocent as he thought they were. The clients he took are from countries such as Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, New York, Colombia, Bolivia, and Venezuela. His new venture teaches him a valuable lesson the hard way; that being on his own coupled with running his investment bank has many pitfalls that he never came across when he was under the large Swiss financial institution.


Other than the challenges he faces regarding the sources of his client’s income, he also faces numerous lawsuits from his former employers and other banks from whom he took clients. His status soon changes from being a respectable banker working under one of the biggest Swiss financial institutions to being a broke, persecuted person who is on the run for his life.

He is overpowered by the large financial institutions, which use their power to corrupt the justice system and tip the scales in their favor. While on a business trip to Venezuela, he comes across a woman who he falls in love with and eventually marries. They then relocate back to The United States of America. Venezuela became a horrible place to live in because of Dictator Hugo Chaves, who was ironically elected democratically. The dictator turns Venezuela into a communistic society. Maria, the wife of Bob, the banker, comes to America in search of the American dream. After a short while, she later realizes that the American dream is a nightmare. The FBI arrest Bob and Maria and take them into witness protection. As a result, they find themselves in a small town where Maria struggles to understand the people.

In the end, Bobs only option is to save his life and that of his wife by turning into a witness for the Federal government and the department of justice. His testimonies are against his former employers. UBS then decides to break its client confidentiality and the American government realizes an immense tax evasion schemes that are being done by the American taxpayers.


Overall, the story revolves around both criminal and civil trials, and a life lived under the American witness protection program. Bob and Maria are the victims of several assassination attempts carried out by the mafias from Russia, Chinese and Colombia.

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