The Sci-Fi Thriller Project on Indiegogo

If you were looking to fund in a different and exciting project on Indiegogo, you will find this one amusing.Sapphyria is a live action sci-fi thriller based on the legend of the 6 fabled female fighters. They go by the names Femasiria, Euphoria, Pandora, Saqqara, Chandria and Angelina. The women are basically the shield between us and the dark supernatural world.

Sci-Fi Thriller

Their current mission is to fight against the human like creatures called Talons who have started to appear from nowhere and are a threat to mankind. The sisters, as they are fondly called are led by the handsome and mysterious Apollo, a god, against the darkest of forces that mean to harm mankind.

In their mortal forms, The Sapphyria are a travelling chic-band belting out hits like Dandelion and Can’t Break My Heart.

What is the project about?

The Sapphyria is the brain child of sci-fi enthusiast Robert Livingston and he is crowd funding this movie through the internet. Quite a few professionals have envisaged interest in the movie, namely Roger Lindley of Taken by Grace and Escaping the Porn fame as the director and Cinematographer Istvan Lettang. Amongst the lead actresses, Olivia Suchko, Samantha Tilton and Stephanie Amber have shown interest in playing Femasiria, Pandora and Saqqara respectively.

Robert came up with the idea of creating such a movie after watching a group of female singers perform on stage in Philippines. He wanted his female group to stand out and hence killing monsters became the pseudo identity of his all female group.

Should you fund this project?

Sapphyria seems to be an interesting project and though each character has been fleshed out quite properly as the trailer suggested, how it all pans out on screen is still something to be seen. This is one of the better detailed projects on Indiegogo.

You can contribute to Sapphyria project and donate anything from $10 above. Backers get exclusive access to the movie as well as a number of goodies, depending on how much they’re backing.

You can support this project and join them at:

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