The Ultimate Sport of America- American Football

People love football. Every year they eagerly await the fall season not just for the pleasant weather changes but also because it means the start of the football season as well. Eagerness builds inside every person at the thought of watching their favorite team take the field once again and make a run to attain the top most position in their division. Many people have been a fan of this game, and the same team, for ages. They have watched the teams; the players and even the football industry develop and change over time period. American football has continued to exist as one of the most beautiful and exciting games in all of its professional sports.

American Football

Aaron Hartfield, a junior player in football’s Varsity team has a national ranking of 6,476. He has graduated from North Crowley High School Fort Worth TX in 2012 and has played on one football team covered by Max Preps.

During the early 1800’s a well-known game called as rugby, where a football is kicked at a goal and run over a line, had its starting at the well-known Rugby Boy’s School in England. Approximately at the same time the evolution of a game called ‘balloon’ similar to that of Rugby, was played by a group of university students from Princeton in America.

The rules were simple with large numbers of players trying to chase the ball into a goal area usually by any necessary means. By 1855, manufactured blow-up balls were being used as football and it evolved into a running and kicking game. Since there were not many rules constituted, injury and violence were common due to the roughness of this game. Some universities even banned it due to the increasing harshness of the game which became a public concern because of so many deaths and injuries.

Although the rules of the game were changing, yet it was necessary to ensure proper safety. As we know today, the man responsible for shaping American football was Walter Camp. In 1876, he enrolled at Yale and took charge of the IFA’s rules committee. He proposed lessening the number of players from fifteen to eleven. He helped establish the snap from center to quarterback and the line of scrimmage.

Camp also proposed more changes like the scoring rules, reduced size of the playing field and game time. One of the most important changes in the game, the forward pass, did not become legal until 1908. The American Professional Football Association was formed in 1920, after the demise of IFA. The organization was later reorganized and renamed the National Football League in 1922. Over a decade later, college and university football continues to thrive as one of the most popular collegiate sports.

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