Tips When Travelling to Austria

Austria or the Eastern Realm is the 5th most patriotic country in the world. The country is blessed with its rich and reserved culture that all Austrians are proud of. Getting a picture of Austria has always been with the Alps, large glaciers, fine meadows, steep valleys, greener hills, large farmlands, ravaging rivers, the crisp and cold atmosphere in the air and every picturesque scene you can think of- just like in the fairy tales. The country is a home for 8 million people that consume most of their time eating good food, drinking with friends, or just having a recreational time for their families. Despite being well-reserved and conservative of their culture Austrians are very hospitable especially the population of the old.


Getting excited of this Austria get-away? Make sure you have your things checked before boarding to the most wholesome land of Austria. If the whole family is going with you in this trip, you might be thinking of how are you going to bring all your stuff with you? The answer is Courierpoint service that offers you to get your parcel to Austria a hassle-free and worry-free process. A reliable, prompt, and a sincere courier service company that offers competitive rates to its customers leaving them a very satisfied experience with sending their packages in no longer time!

If it is your first time to land your feet in this piece of heaven, here are the healthy do’s and don’ts you should always keep in mind to make sure you’ll have a blast and no disgust (of yourself) when travelling to Austria.

What to Do:

  • Love. And eat a lot more! Austria offers international tourists an impression of the best exquisite cuisine in town yet, at a very affordable price. Speaking of the price, Euro is the currency in Austria. There are numerous restaurants and eateries you can pick from. Also, the major credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, and Visa) are widely accepted.
  • If going for a business meeting and documents are needed to be delivered in certain offices, Courierpoint is the right service provider you are looking for! They will help you send your parcel to Austria within the next day only. It also offers discounted rates if you are a regular customer.
  • Ran out of your cash on hand? Bankomats or ATMs are spread in the streets even at the rural places in Austria.
  • Thinking of hiking with a friend to the Austrian Alps? As long s you check the weather forecast first, you can proceed with hiking even without a hike guide because there are already set-up trails for beginners and natural climbers.
  • When visiting shopping centres and boutiques always greet with a hello or “Guten Tag” for Austrians is known to be friendly and accommodating.
  • When meeting new friends or being introduced to an Austrian, shake their hand and keep an eye contact. Failure to do so implies an arrogant attitude.

What Not to Do:

  • Do not forget to take off your shoes when entering a household. Austrians are very polite when it comes to cleanliness of their houses and a sign of respect to the home owner as well.
  • Do not rest your elbows on the table; rest on your wrist of the unused hand instead for it signifies a well-mannered table etiquette.
  • Do not shout in public places for it will rang everyone that you are trying to start a fight which is very disrespectful especially in public transportation places.

And most importantly, do not leave Austria without bringing all the wonderful memories and great photographs you have in your stay-cation. Auf Wiedersehen und gute Reise!

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