Top 10 Coconut Products That Are Used

Coconut is quite commonly used in the market and many people use it for different reasons. Coconut also has therapeutic values which have been in use since ages and centuries. A review of some of the commonly used coconut products are as mentioned below:


  1. Coconut oil – Coconut oil is a widely used product. It is so common that you can actually find it in almost every second household. This oil is used for cooking in many homes and is used for massage purposes as well. In case of massage, the oil gives therapeutic value and helps in giving relief to your aching joints and bones. The oil used for cooking can be used for both deep fry and shallow fry.
  1. Coconut cream – Just as coconut oil is beneficial, in the same manner coconut cream is also quite beneficial. Those people usually prefer coconut cream that has dry skin. The multi – vitamin coconut cream is also beneficial for those who have acne on their skin.
  1. Coconut chocolate – Dark chocolate is always considered as a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It also contains anti – oxidants. When you are gobbling up chocolate next time why not take a bar of coconut chocolate as this will have the values of both chocolate as well as coconut.
  1. Coconut ice – cream – Most of the people are fond of ice – cream. If you are also someone who has a sweet tooth, coconut ice – cream can be good for you. The coconut ice – cream is also low in calories as it is coconut is cholesterol free.
  1. Coconut baby oil – Baby oil that needs to be applied on the body of the little baby who is aged anywhere between 1 month to three years should be coconut baby oil. This oil not only helps in nourishing the body of the baby but also makes its bones and joints stronger.
  1. Coconut water – A naturally occurring source obtained from nature is the coconut water. It is quite helpful for those who are on a diet and the intake of coconut water should be increased maximum during winters.
  1. Coconut cookies – Cookies come in different flavors ranging from chocolate, orange, strawberry to coconut. If you like to have some cookies as snacks with the evening tea or anyone else in your family, coconut cookies can be best for you.
  1. Coconut pickles – The coconut pickle not only has the preservative properties of pickle such as that of vinegar and lemon but also has properties of coconut such as fatty acids, potassium etc.
  1. Coconut milk – Milk in itself is quite useful for the human body as it provides calcium and other minerals. Hence if you take coconut milk or give the same to your children, it will be most beneficial for them. Coconut milk can be taken by children and adults as well.
  1. Coconut cake – Some people like sweets a lot but also want to reduce on their calorie intake at the same, but how is that possible? With coconut cake, you can satisfy your craving sweet tooth and coconut reduces calories.
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