Top 7 features of Apple Ipad

Apple’s tablet called the Ipad has been a revolutionary tablet that was introduced by Apple a few years ago. Since then it has continued to wow the customers as well as the technology pundits with the constant innovation and the ease of use it brings to the table. But over the years the product has also become almost perfect and there is very little room for improvement.

Apple Ipad

  1. Thinner than the previous versions

While the screen size is same as the previous versions the major design change is that the new Ipad is thinner and lighter. This means that the device is easier to hold and use even with a single hand without getting tired.

  1. Better and faster processor

The new A8X chip that the new processor is built on, is a second generation chip with some of the most technologically advanced features. As per the claims of the company the processor delivers far better performance. For tracking of motion and elevation a separate low powered M8 coprocessor is used.

  1. Better battery life

The battery life has been improved a great deal because of the new architecture of the processor. Because the new architecture is lower power consuming the overall battery life is over 10 ours with moderate to heavy use. The screen is also low power consuming and further enhances the battery life of the device.

  1. Better camera

The new Ipad has a better camera than its predecessors and the other tablets in the market. The new camera can shoot 43 MP panoramas and also record 1080P high definition video. The overall picture and video quality is incredible and leaves the competition far behind.

  1. Anti -reflective display

The new Ipad features a laminated display with optically bonded LCD, glass and touch sensor so that the air gaps are eliminated. This means that the new screen not only looks better and sharper but also reduces the glare and is less reflective by around 56%.

  1. Integration with Apple Pay

This is the first Ipad to support Apple Pay. This means that one can recharge the wallet that is called the Apple Pay and use it to make online payments at over 500 sites without having to enter the card information again and again.

  1. Touch ID for enhanced security

This is an enhanced security feature that has been introduced by Apple for their iphones the previous year and makes its way to the ipad this year. The steel ring is very useful for making e payments for online purchases (but not for retail store purchases).

These are some of the features why the new Ipad has become the darling of all the technology enthusiasts and people are ready to shell out the premium price to become the proud owner of the latest generation Ipad. Recently the latest model of Apple Ipad was introduced called the Ipad Air 2. This is the latest generation tablet from Apple and this article talks about the various features of the tablet.

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