Tourist Trap: The Trust Case Files 4: Wonderful Book by Lee Cushing

The book Tourist Trap: The Trust Case Files 4 is the amazing supernatural book written by Lee Cushing. As we all know that books are the superb source of wisdom and knowledge. In various categories of books like fictions, non fictions, it is felt that this Tourist Trap is the actual book which can create cringes fear to the readers’ mind. This book provides a thunder bolting satisfaction when the readers read the book and start to get involved within it as a part of the character.

Tourist Trap This Tourist Trap: The Trust Case Files 4 is the unique imagination of Lee Cushing that brings the readers to a complete world of horror. This book contributes an anecdote that has numerous subjects for telling. This book portrays a thriller of a horrible murder.  This book becomes very popular for its true terror approach and considered as the best vampire novel in this series.

The story is all about a group of killers who are involved with series of homicide of tourists in the Bay of Durden and Dukes Hotel. The Strigoi are on the killing rampage that creates extreme fear on the mind of coming tourists in this area. Agents Cutter and Forrest are the character of investigating figures and those are involved to find the murderers. Incidentally two persons arrived in the town for attending a business conference. These persons are David and his wife Brenda who are happily married couple. Brenda saw Cutter and recollected that he is the murderer of her parents. But she couldn’t make believe to anyone that Cutter can be responsible for killing anybody. The story flow accordingly.

Basically, teenagers and growing adults prefer this book as the people of this stage mainly love adventure. It is needless to say that author Lee Cushing beautifully tied the knot of the story. Each and every character plays crucial and important role in this story named Tourist Trap: The Trust Case File 4. This book consists of 142 pages with extremely attractive cover page. There are many people who want to grab books by getting attracted with the design of the books. So it can surely attract them at the first sight. But for the readers who really love to read, it is highly engaging and they can’t get scope to close the book by incompletion of it.

The author of this book Lee Cushing and it is the pen name of the writer. The combination comes from Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Being an amateur student he has the wide scope of imagination. As the quality and desire of writing was in the brain and heart, this awesome creation happened drastically. There is no doubt that Tourist Trap: The Trust Case Files 4is a bewildering and surprising fearfulness story book written by Lee Cushing. Every story book reader will eagerly wait for the author to get this type of more and more mystic stories again and again.

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