Tribal Tattoo Designs: Getting More Popular

The great civilizations of the past have left us with many wondrous monuments that have outlasted the cultures that erected them. But these are not the only remnants left to us by the ancient world. The Tribal Tattoo is perhaps the most personal tradition passed down by our forebears, and it is certainly a trend that has stood the test of time.

Tribal tattoos were originally intended as a means of identification. As the term suggests, obviously, they were used to represent the tribe to which a person belonged to. Hence, it would be easy to distinguish whether one was friend or foe through the markings on their body.

This did not just apply to this world, but to the afterlife as well. As it was believed then that the body and the soul were one and the same, a person would still bear his tattoos after death, and would enable him to recognize and rejoin his tribe in the spirit realm.

Another purpose that tribal tattoos had was to seal a pact of marriage. Taking the place of a wedding ring, a man and a woman joined in holy matrimony would each be marked with marriage tattoos signifying their undying love for each other.

And undying would be quite the apt adjective, as it seemed not even death would part spouses back in ancient times, at least not permanently. Upon reaching the afterlife, soul mates would be able to find each other through their distinctive tattoos, reuniting them for all of eternity.

As noted in the previous examples, spirituality played a big part in the lives of the ancients, and this is so reflected in their tribal tattoos. You can get in touch with artevidastudio for getting these types of tattoo designs. Tribesmen would have animal totems tattooed onto their bodies, believing that the designated animal spirits would bless them and bestow their powers upon them. There would even be tattoos worn as magical charms for luck, and even for love.

The dyes used for such tattoos would be mixed with certain herbs and potions, supposedly to strengthen the potency of their power. These magic tattoos would usually be applied to small, secluded parts of the body, as being hidden would somehow make them more effective.

Tattooing is a painful process, so it only made sense for it to be used as a rite of passage. A man who comes of age would have to go through the pain of getting a tattoo to prove his worthiness to become a great warrior or hunter. Even a young woman would have to go through the rite to prove herself a fit bride, as being able to endure the torture of being tattooed would mean she was strong enough to bear the agony of childbirth.

A lot has changed since the time of the ancients. The primitive and excruciating tattooing methods of old have given way to safer, more modern techniques. And yet, people today still get tattoos for pretty much the same reasons that their ancestors did.

Close-knit families, friends and associates would still brand themselves to signify their solidarity, and lovers would do so to celebrate their romance. There are people who get tattoos of animals which they feel best define their character, and then there are those who proudly wear the symbols of their faith.

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