What Is A Map Directory

Maps are really convenient things, they let people know where they are and find out how to get to a certain destination of choice. And these maps have come a long way over the past years, from rough sketches on paper, to printed layouts of streets on big fold away street maps, all the way to the current day here we use GPS and other mapping techniques to create the most precise maps known to mankind, and they are all available online at the click of a mouse button or a swipe of the finger on the touch screen.


However even though these maps have quite recently gone online they have just very recently begun taking the shape of directories. By this e mean that different categories of gods and services are listed on the map by their location. A good example of an online map business directory is an website called http://www.greedygrab.com . If you need a furniture store just enter it into the search bar and it will show you all of the furniture stores in the desired location.

One feature that a map directory will have is of course an up to date map of the city you are in; it needs to have all of the streets including the little twists and turns and the side alleys too. Any good map directory should have a click and drag feature where you can drag the map around to the desired location. A really good map directory might even have a street vie feature like Google maps to make it really convenient.

Map directories are really convenient because they help people find a various array of different goods and service and a good map directory will have many different sub categories to help you be more precise with your search.

If you are looking for a restaurant you should be able to look it up by its location, the price range, the stars or ratings it has, the type of food such as Chinese, Indian, or French cuisine, if it’s fine dining and formal attire or not, as well as if they do delivery or not. This is just one example of a category on a map directory, some may actually specialize in such niches as restaurants alone.

However most map directories will have several different categories including things like medical services such as hospitals, physicians, optometrists, dentists, and so forth. Many will also include hotels and accommodations for people to stay in. This is a really convenient feature for visitors because they can use the map directory to plan in what hotel they want to stay and what places to visit while in the city; map directories make great vacation planning tools.

This is especially the case because many map directories also include other categories such as arts and entertainments, museums, and other important cultural locations to visit.

In essence a map directory is the new and improved yellow pages, phonebook, map, and online directory all put into one; it’s the ultimate way to find anything you need.

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