What is Hard Water?

Hard water forms when pure rainwater runs through dirt, rocks and sand and absorbs minerals salts e.g. calcium and magnesium. Though inimical to human health, hard water takes its tolls on our homes.


2 Problems Hard Water Has on Utah Homes

  1.       Soap Scum & Soap Curd

When hard water mixes with soap, it produces a Soap Scum or Soap Curd which can do damage to the skin by blocking the pores and hence, the flоw of natural оіlѕ through the them causing the brеаkdоwn of соllаgеn, rеdnеѕѕ and іrrіtаtіоn, еnlаrgеment of the pores, and the formation of fine-lіnеd wrіnklеѕ, eczema flare-ups, acne and other skin problems.

Soap Curd can also disfigure and even ruin your hair due to the accumulation of hard water minerals. It can even mix into shampoo residue. Hard water can give your hair a filmy, hard or straw-like; or a grey and flaccid outlook. Grease and oil stick to the hair as a result of the accumulation of these minerals after washing the hair.

  1. Mineral Lime Scale

Hard water minerals stick to everything they come in contact with, particularly hot surfaces.  The scale this produces are comparable the stalactites and stalagmites found in Timpanogos cave. This scale makes Water Heaters to waste energy, produce accumulated amounts of appalling mineral deposits, even to the breakage of faucets and appliances.

How Water Softeners Work

Standard water softeners normally have a tank in which are the resins responsible for the removal of hard water minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and other of such minerals from the water as it goes into the tank. Hard water flows into the tank but soft water, out after the softening process is complete. A second tank holds salt used in the “recharging” phase to take out minerals from the water softening material.

Advances in Utah Water Softener Technology

The sale of water softeners begun in Utah since the 1950’s. Due to the improvement in water softening technology, many more options have been made available. Older-style water softeners recharge on a fixed time (day timer/calendar softeners), so are the least efficient choice. The next generation of technology is named “metered on-demand”, designed to measure the quantity of water used and recharges only when you have used sufficient amount of water.

Cleanwaterutah.com offers clean, safe, great tasting water in Utah. You may get in contact with them for high quality salt free water softeners and drinking water filtration systems.

Types of Water Softeners

Demand-Initiated (DIR) or On-Demand Regeneration

The DIR (On-Demand softener) working on a differential brining system has now become the most common in Utah because of its ability to predict the next recharge time based on the history of your water usage and the degree of hardness of the water as given by you. DIR Valve Controls calculate the need to regenerate the go on to process it hitherto. It lessens the use of salt and increases the time accuracy of the processing of the regeneration cycle. It’s more efficient to gauge your consumption with a softener than with merely depending on a calendar.  Nevertheless, On-Demand softeners do not monitor your water softener’s resin’s chemistry but only your water usage meaning that they have to calculate the next time slated for system regeneration.

Smart Sensor & Water Analyst Technology

A Dual/Twin Tank Water Softener like our Twin Analyst softener presents the most advanced technology used to examine the resin and to measure how dirty the softener gets at the passage of every one gallon of water.

This Smart Sensor Analyst technology can automatically monitor and regulate your water softener regeneration and cleaning schedule and duration based on your homes water. Based on what goes on with the actual water resins, the sensors evaluate the rate at which the minerals saturate them. This informs the Smart Sensor Analyst to adjust the water softener regeneration schedule and inform you of the degree of hardness of the (city) water. As against On-Demand softeners, a Smart Sensor Analyst Softener doesn’t call for a reprogramming or regulation of water hardness settings at any time even when your (city) water hardness levels fluctuate according to the seasons. Changes in hardness, seasonally just and cold winter water temperatures indicate that rival softeners will have to employ the use of much more salt to be at par with the highly efficient Crusader Twin Analyst-sensor softener.

Twin Tank vs. Single Tank Systems

The major advantage of using twin tanks is that the production of soft water is a constant; the make-up of the twin tank an almost constant supply of soft water. Majority of the homes in Utah need only a quality single tank water softener to meet their need, and they come in a variety of size. Reach out to us for a free Home Water Test and Consult to discover what your home needs.

Salt Free Water Softeners & Filtration Systems

Most Salt Free or No Salt Softeners do more of descaling than of softening water. As mentioned above, mineral scale is only one of the challenges hard water poses to your home while for most people, soap scum and curd are the reason they go for water softeners. To see the comparisons of Salt Free softeners with traditional Salt based Water softeners, read our blog article.

The Only Truly Salt Free Water Softener

There is presently only one real Salt Free Water Softener, the Hydro DI from Hydronovation. The Hydro DI performs both a deionization process and membrane separation together. It could be thought of as a water softener, but with an in-built reverse osmosis filtration. It is a salt free: it doesn’t require the use of salt, yet does everything a water softener can do, and more produces bottled water quality at every tap in the house. All these it does without requiring that you add anything to your home water.

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